Tours in Vienna

St. Stephen’s Cathedral and a Vienna Insider walk

A courtyards walk through some of Vienna’s historic Pawlatschen houses. Let us discover some of the most charming hidden attractions in Vienna feeling life as it was 400 years ago – – one of my top Vienna travel tips.

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Schönbrunn Palace Tour

Along with its glorious gardens, Schönbrunn provides a unique insight into the lives and loves of a long line of imperial monarchs. Together we’ll seek out details of the palace’s design and decoration to help transport our imaginations back to the time of the Habsburgs. In doing so, we’ll develop a deeper understanding of how […]

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Tracing the great Musicians of Vienna

About 50 operas and 20 ballets are performed on 300 days every year – performances change every day on the highest professional level – having no rival in the music world. More famous composers have lived here than in any other city – music is literally in the air: Waltzes and operettas have their home […]

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Mein Wieden – my neighburhood and its people

Mein Wieden – my neighburhood and its people We start our tour at the superbly decorated St. Charles’s Church and wander around the former outskirts to discover a quarter where housings of workers and craftsmen meet the pomp of upper classes. This contrast gives the 4th district its particular charm. In the past few years […]

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